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our Story

Tree are one of the most superb objects in nature. Think about it - when someone uses the word nature, most likely the image of a tree comes to mind. When we think of trees, we like to keep them well kept and healthy. At JR's Tree Service, we are proud to say that is our promise to you! 

A family run company, JR's Tree Service is owned by James Lamkin, who is on sight for all job completions. We do not contract to outside companies because we want to ensure each job is completed to the highest standard, ours! There is a simple philosophy behind this idea: you the homeowner are concerned about your property and we are equally concerned that you get what you want. The company did not get to 25 years of satisfied customer service by cutting corners, only trees, and we want to make sure new and returning customers always know they can depend on us for top notch service.